Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blonde, Airbrushed And Ready For Her Closeup

And here's Katie Couric...with what CBS wants you to believe is the news. If Walter Cronkite was dead, he would surely be rolling over in his grave. I haven't looked for his comments on this bullshit.


windblownbutterfly said...

I haven't had the *pleasure* of seeing Katie doing her new job...never been a big fan of hers, but I really don't see the big deal about the altered pictures. I don't care if they magically took 20 pounds off of her, or airbrushed her skin, or whitened her teeth or whatever else they could do, as long as she can deliver the news accurately and keep my interest. If I was on national tv, I'd hope they would use every means possible to disguise my flaws and make me pleasant to look at. :-) (hell, I wish there was a magic PhotoShop for real life, I'd use it every morning before leaving the house.)

Kilroy_60 said...

I didn't write about this in the main blog because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

For me, it came down what the priority is. It should be about substance, not style. Katie is what she is. She got the job; CBS should be doing what they can to help her be the best anchor possible...not "adjusting" how she looks. That is not going to make her a successful anchor.

Considering her historic position, I think she has a degree of responsibility to not allow these type of things to happen.

jinx protocol said...

Unfortunately, this is the sort of thing that is not going to go away, woman or no.

Our only hope is that technology speeds up faster than make-up technology and we get to see just how hideous some of these people really are...I think they've already got Holly Rowe!!!